Ruth Ann Shinn - President and Treasurer
Jackie Dorsey - Vice President
Jill Ross - Secretary
Brenda Hails - Board Member
Pat Poffenberger - Board Member
Eric London - Board Member

About Us

The Monongalia County Humane Society participated in the United Way Holiday food giveaway Friday, December 4. We distributed almost 11,000 pounds of pet food to Monongalia County citizens. We were able to feed approximately 1000 pets.

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The Monongalia County Humane Society (MCHS) is a private, nonprofit 501c3 organization supported by membership dues, donations from the public, and fund-raising events. It is governed by a Board of Directors who serve without compensation.

We are an organization serving animals and the people who care for them. We do not operate an animal shelter nor do we provide rescue services as these services are provided by other organizations in the community.

We provide many critical services that provide protection to animals that are preventative in nature. For example, one of our primary initiatives is the provision of spay and neuter financial assistance. That is, we provide limited financial support to qualifying individuals who have a dog or cat by furnishing vouchers that several local veterinarians will honor toward the cost of the procedure. Preventing animals from reproducing is key to reducing the incidence of strays, unwanted animals, and the other undesirable consequences of pet overpopulation. MCHS also provides financial support for the continuing education toward the humane care and treatment of animals and targets this communication to young people in our community.

As such, our objectives are to (1) offer financial assistance for spay/neuter of owned pets based on income levels, (2) provide education regarding spay/neuter, (3) recognize and report animal abuse and neglect, and (4) work with local and state governments on legislation regarding animals.

We have successfully registered with the Kroger Community Rewards program. For every purchase you make, Kroger makes a donation to our programs. All you need to do to participate is register your Kroger card here. If you don't have a Kroger card, you can apply at any Kroger store.

Please help support our spay/neuter programs by using your Kroger card. Our goal is to prevent pet over population and the needless killing of shelter pets by offering spay/neuter services to Monongalia County citizens.

Thank you for your support.